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To make it easier for you to choose the cheapest internet provider, we have compared the main Swiss Internet providers.

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Swisscom is the largest telecommunications company in Switzerland with a market share of over 50% in DSL and fibre-optic internet connections. On average, Swisscom is more expensive than the competition but regularly focuses on top offers and provides quality customer service geared towards long-term customer loyalty.


UPC has a market share of around 16% in the Swiss internet market. UPC was created in 1994 through the merger of several Swiss cable network operators and quickly established itself as one of the leading Swiss DSL and fibre-optic internet providers.


Sunrise is the third largest Internet provider in Switzerland and has a market share of 12%. This Internet player, which emerged from a merger between DIAX and Sunrise in 2001, sets itself apart from the competition in the Swiss Internet market with its Internet services at very reasonable prices and high-quality customer service.


Salt is the fourth largest Swiss internet operator. Formerly known as Orange Communications, the company was taken over by financier Xavier Niel in 2015 and renamed Salt. Its strategy: low prices for internet subscriptions with 10 GB fibre. That is why Salt also offers the best value for money in terms of internet connections in Switzerland.

Virtual network operators

Wingo, Yallo and M Budget offer Internet deals that run over the fibre-optic and DSL networks of Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt. These online offers are only available via the internet and the internet subscription prices are usually lower than those of the well-known operators. Some virtual network operators, such as Wingo, offer non-binding subscriptions without a fixed contract period. This is especially convenient for those who move regularly.

Swiss Internet Provider

Which Swiss internet provider is the cheapest?

At the moment, it is clearly the provider Salt that offers the cheapest package on the market with an inexpensive complete package for internet +TV for only CHF 49.95 with a speed of up to 10Gb. The virtual network operator Wingo also offers a very interesting fibre package for only CHF 49 – but this is an internet-only connection.

Did you know that operators such as Swisscom, Sunrise or UPC have slightly higher prices but regularly advertise special promotions and very interesting internet offers?