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Internet subscription comparison in Switzerland

Compare the cheapest Swiss internet providers online and save money! We have selected the internet providers in Switzerland that offer the most attractive deals in terms of price and quality. This way, you can find out which home internet offer is right for you in just a few seconds.

Internet plans compare in Switzerland

How do I choose the right Internet router?

Before you sign up for a new Internet subscription, it is important that the Internet box supplied also meets your needs. Not only the design should fit, the right upload and download speed (fibre or VDSL), the cost of installation and of course the price of the internet subscription are crucial for your satisfaction. There is a lot of competition between Internet providers in Switzerland, so you can make considerable savings by changing your Internet subscription and provider. We have created an internet subscription comparison for Western Switzerland to help you choose the cheapest internet subscription.

Which internet subscription will be cheapest in 2023?

Every day we compare offers from the main Swiss providers so you can take advantage of the best discounts and ongoing promotions. If you want to find a cheap internet subscription in Switzerland, operators like Salt, Wingo or Yallo offer very interesting internet subscriptions in terms of price. By the way, other providers such as Sunrise, or Swisscom are always publishing promotions with subscription discounts or gifts such as a free TV. So that you are always up to date with the latest specials and cheapest promotions, take a look at our internet subscription comparison with the cheapest internet offers in Switzerland.

Internet Box : Fibre or VDSL?Internet Box : Fibre or VDSL?

If you are connected to the internet via a VDSL or ADSL box, you should ask yourself whether it is not time to switch to fibre optics. The Swiss fibre-optic internet network is one of the best developed networks in Europe. Especially if you live in the city, chances are good that your home is eligible for fibre optics. A fibre-optic connection costs CHF 100 on average and is even installed for free by some operators. To know whether your address is eligible for fibre-optic internet, you first need to carry out a speed test. All Swiss telephone providers offer tests on their websites that you can carry out online. This will tell you in a few seconds whether you can use fibre-optic internet. If your address is not connected to the fibre optic network, then you are at least connected to a DSL network. Did you know that fibre optic internet subscriptions are no more expensive than VDSL connections? The prices for internet offers have fallen sharply in recent years, so now is a good time to switch to high-speed fibre optic internet. As far as the loading speed of websites or other videos is concerned, you will notice the difference immediately, even if several people are surfing the net at the same time.

How can I find a cheap Swiss Internet subscription?

Find the cheapest internet subscriptions at a glance with our handy comparison tool. We show you the best offers from various internet providers in Switzerland. Internet providers regularly offer very interesting promotions at great prices. Save your money now and compare the best Internet subscription offers. Fancy lifetime discounts or free surfing for a year? We take a close look at all promotions and provide you with the best internet subscription prices on our site. Our tips: Before you sign up for an internet subscription, find out how much the activation fee is for your internet connection and how long your contract will last. This is important because if you want to leave your internet provider before the end of your contract, you will have to pay the monthly instalments until the end of your contract, which is usually between 12 and 24 months. You can compare the cheapest Internet subscriptions on our online comparison platform!

You don't have a fibre-optic home connection? Read our tips for faster internet!

Did you know that fibre optics is the fastest internet technology, enabling upload and download speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s? Have you already carried out a speed test on the websites of the various internet operators to see whether your Swiss household can also use the high-speed internet with fibre optic technology? Find out from your municipality which streets are connected to the fibre optic network. The Swiss high-speed internet network is constantly being expanded. If your household does not yet have a fibre-optic connection, there are other good solutions. First of all, you can always opt for a VDSL connection. Sure, your connection will be a bit slower than fibre, but some operators offer VDSL subscriptions with over 600 MB, and this speed level is already very acceptable! Another solution is the hotspot. With the roll-out of the 5G network, you can also receive fast internet from the comfort of your home at high speeds if there is a 5G antenna nearby. Get faster internet for the same price!

With us you will find cheap subscriptions for Internet, TV & fixed network

Most Swiss internet providers offer complete packages with internet, fixed network telephony and television. As a customer, you use all three services conveniently and cheaply from just one provider. The advantages of these so-called triple play tariffs are that you have an internet and television connection as well as a fixed network telephone combined in just one internet box. This saves you the tangle of cables. The fixed-network telephone connection is usually included free of charge, as nowadays many households prefer to use their mobile phones and hardly use the fixed-network connection any more. With us you can quickly get an overview of the best internet subscriptions and compare internet tariffs for Switzerland quickly and easily.

Which is the best Internet for home?

Suchen Sie ein günstiges Internet-Abo für zu Hause? Wir zeigen Ihnen, auf was Sie bei der Wahl der passenden Internet-Verbindung für zu Hause achten müssen. Stellen Sie sich die Frage, wie viele Personen bzw. Geräte das Internet im Haushalt nutzen? Wenn Sie alleine leben, reicht ein klassisches DSL-Internet-Abo für ein zufriedenstellendes Surf-Erlebnis völlig aus. Wenn Sie zu zweit sind oder mehrere Personen das Internet zu Hause nutzen, empfehlen wir Ihnen auf ein Glasfaser-Internet-Abo zu wechseln oder ein 5G-Hotspot-Abo abzuschliessen. Wenn Sie in einer großen Wohnung wohnen, achten Sie darauf, dass Sie Ihre WLAN-Reichweite mit einem Repeater vergrössern, denn dicke Wände können z.B. das WLAN-Empfangssignal in Ihrer Wohnung stören. Übrigens, nicht unwichtig ist auch das Design des Routers, vor allem dann, wenn Sie ihn im Wohnzimmer sichtbar stehen haben.

Who are the best providers of fibre-optic and VDSL internet in Switzerland?

The Swiss internet provider market has 3 main providers: Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt. Internet prices in Switzerland are among the highest in Europe. The cheapest internet subscriptions cost around CHF 39 per month with a VDSL connection and a speed of 50 MB. Did you know that Swiss internet operators regularly offer deals on high-speed internet? For just under CHF 40, you can take out a fibre-optic internet subscription that is valid for 12 - 24 months. Apart from these interesting Internet subscriptions, the Internet operator Salt offers the best prices. For example, 10 GB fibre-optic Internet subscriptions are available from CHF 49.95, including Internet TV. With us you can find fibre optic internet subscriptions at the best prices!

Internet subscription comparison: Our principles

We independently compare most Swiss internet providers. Our employees decide whether certain Internet subscriptions should be displayed or not. Our philosophy is to select in a transparent way those Internet subscriptions that seem most interesting to us. Some external links to Internet operators are deposited, which enables us to receive commissions from the operators when Internet users, via our platform, buy an offer from one of our partners. This system is very widespread on the Internet, is called "Affiliation" and does not lead to any price increase for the consumer. If you click directly on the operators' website via our platform, you are guaranteed to pay for your internet subscription at the lowest price.