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Our selection of the best Internet plans in Switzerland

How to choose your home Internet plan?

Before subscribing to a new Internet plan, it is important to check if it matches your needs. A nice design, a high upload and download speed (fiber or VDSL), the setup cost and of course the price of your internet subscription. Today, fierce competition between Internet providers in Switzerland has pulled prices down, by switching plans you could save a lot compared to your current subscription price. We have created an Internet subscription comparison tool for the French speaking part of Switzerland to help you choose.

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What’s the cheapest plan in 2021 ?

Every day we compare the main Swiss Internet providers so you can get the best deals and discounts. If you want to find a cheap Internet plan in Switzerland, operators such as Salt, Wingo or Yallo offer the cheapest Internet plans. However, other operators such as Sunrise, UPC or Swisscom regularly run special offers that allow you to get a discount or a gift such as a free TV for any Internet subscription. To check the latest offers, please visit our comparison tool for the best Internet plans in Switzerland.

Internet Plans

High-speed or VDSL?

If you currently have access to the Internet using VDSL or ADSL, you might be wondering if it’s worth switching to high-speed Internet. Today, the Swiss high-speed Internet network is one of the best in Europe! If you live in a city, there is a great chance that your home is already connected to the high-speed Internet network. The setup of high-speed Internet usually costs less than CHF 100 and is sometimes free of charge with some operators. To find out if you can have access to high-speed Internet, you need to do an online test by entering your postal address. All Swiss telecommunications operators have an online test available on their website which tells you in a few seconds whether you can receive high-speed Internet or not. If your home is not connected to high-speed Internet you will have to use ADSL.
High-speed Internet plans do not cost more than current VDSL plans. In fact, prices have largely decreased in recent years making it the right time to switch to high-speed Internet. You will immediately see the difference in loading speeds of websites or videos, even if multiple users are connected simultaneously.

How to find a cheap Swiss Internet plan?

To get the best Internet plan in Switzerland, make sure you compare the different Internet offers using a comparison tool. Indeed, Swiss Internet providers regularly run attractive promotional offers that can help you reduce the cost of your Internet subscription. Some offers include lifetime discounts and others have limited offers for a few months up to 24 months. Before subscribing to an Internet service, check the activation fees of your Internet connection as well as the duration of your contract. If you want to terminate your Internet contract before the end date, you will have to pay the monthly fees until the end of your contract, which is usually between 12 to 24 months.

My home is not covered by high-speed Internet fiber! - Check out our solutions

After having done several connectivity tests on the different websites of Internet providers, you notice that your home is not connected to the high-speed Internet network. First of all, we advise you to ask your neighbors and find out if they have the same problem. You can also ask your city hall to find out which streets are connected to the network. If after all, your home is not connected to the high-speed Internet network, don’t worry! There are other solutions. You can always choose a VDSL connection. Of course, your connection will be a bit slower than high-speed Internet, but some operators offer VDSL plans with speeds over 600Mb which is already a very good.
Another solution is to use a hotspot. With 5G you can receive Internet at a very high speed at home. To do this, your home must be covered by 5G.

Home Internet TV box and landline phone

When subscribing to an Internet + TV offer, most Swiss telecommunications operators will offer you a free landline phone service. In fact, today’s operators no longer charge for this additional service and include in their offers the option to have a telephone or not in their Internet + TV plan. In recent years, with the spread of smartphones, young people no longer wish to have a landline and prefer to only use their mobile phone. Operators have adapted to this and now offer a free landline option in their Internet plans.

Swiss Internet provider, how does it work?

The Swiss Internet market is controlled by 3 main players, Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt. Internet prices in Switzerland are among the highest in Europe. For example, Internet plans start at around CHF 39/month for VDSL with speeds of up to 50 MB. However, Internet providers have regular promotions valid over 12 to 24 months offering high-speed Internet for under CHF 40. Besides sales offers, the cheapest Internet provider is Salt. For example, 10GB of high-speed Internet starts at CHF 49.95/month, including Internet TV.
In addition, for cheap Internet, we advise you to check the different offers on our partner websites and to compare the latest deals.

Internet at home, which plan should I choose?

When choosing the best Internet plan for your house or flat, it is important to know how many users will be using it on a daily basis. If you are alone, a classic DSL subscription will be enough to provide you with a good browsing experience. However, if there are two or more users, we highly recommend upgrading to high-speed Internet or a 5G hotspot plan to get the best browsing experience. Also, if you have a big house, you may need to get some connectors to stream the wifi throughout your house. Indeed, thick walls, a separate floor can greatly affect the wifi signal in your home. Something you might want to consider as well, especially if you can’t hide it, is the design of the Internet equipment, some boxes are more discreet than others.

Home Internet comparison tool, our values

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