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Swiss Mobile Plan Comparison

Want to switch to a new and cheaper mobile plan in Switzerland? Check out our selection of mobile plans from Swiss phone providers. We are independent in our selection to allow you to get only the best offers and the latest deals.

Swiss Mobile Plan Comparison

How does our mobile phone subscription comparison work?

  • Calls & SMS : All the subscriptions we present in our tariff comparison have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in Switzerland integrated. An important requirement when choosing your next mobile phone contract.
  • 4G or 5G : The phone providers offer mobile phone contracts with 4G or 5G data volume. With 5G, you have very good internet quality with high speed, 10 times faster compared to 4G or 4G+ data volume.
  • Data : The data volume is the available gigameng of internet you can use on your mobile phone. Find out about your data volume abroad with our subscription comparison with roaming.
  • Contract : There are 2 different types of mobile phone subscriptions. Either a mobile phone contract without commitment or a contract commitment of 12 to 24 months. To cancel a mobile phone subscription without a commitment, you have to inform your mobile phone provider 30 to 60 days in advance.
  • Activation fees : (account creation, SIM card activation) are usually charged when a new contract is signed. Sometimes there are promotions with selected mobile phone providers where the activation fee is waived for first-time customers.
  • Roaming : If you travel abroad a lot, we strongly recommend that you take out a mobile phone subscription with included roaming and international calls for Europe and the USA. Get an overview of the best tariffs including roaming with our mobile phone subscription comparison.

Our selection of mobile phone subscriptions in our comparison is independent and gives an overview of the mobile phone tariffs that represent the best value for money for us. Our selection criteria are based on the service quality of the providers, the services offered, included unlimited calls in Switzerland and of course the integrated data volume. We are also surfing the internet more and more with our smartphones and therefore need more and more data volume at our disposal.

How much Giga data volume do I really need?

Durch die Entwicklung des Smartphones verbringen die Nutzer immer mehr Zeit mit ihren Handys und benötigen dadurch ausreichend Datenvolumen. Wenn Sie unsicher sind, wie viele mobile Daten Sie bei Ihrem zukünftigen Handy Abo wirklich benötigen,  haben wir einigen Ratschläge für Sie.
Als ersten Schritt empfehlen wir Ihnen Ihre Handyrechnung genau unter die Lupe zu nehmen, um Ihren aktuellen Datenverbrauch pro Monat herauszufinden.
Im 2024 hat sich der allgemeine Datenverbrauch in der Schweiz progressiv erhöht und man geht heute davon aus, dass jeder Schweizer bis zu 10 GB Data pro Monat verbraucht.

Of course, there are big differences between individual users and their usage behaviour. A person who uses their mobile phone exclusively to check their emails and surf the internet from time to time has sufficient data volume with 5G per month. In contrast, there are users who also like to watch videos and films on their mobile phones, for which a mobile phone subscription with 30 GB of mobile data or more is recommended.

1 to 5 GB: A data volume of 1 to 5 GB is ideal for you if you only use your smartphone a little. For checking your e-mail, surfing the Internet and using a few apps, this is a sufficient amount of mobile data. Before signing a mobile phone contract, analyse your usage behaviour and find the perfect subscription.

5 to 20 GB: This data volume is perfect for you if your smartphone is your daily companion. We recommend that you take out a mobile phone subscription with 5 to 20 GB of data volume if you surf the Internet every day, make video calls on Facebook from time to time, watch videos on YouTube and stream music. You can use your mobile phone for the whole month without any problems.

20 GB to unlimited: Unlimited data usage. If you like to watch videos on your smartphone and spend a lot of time on your mobile, you should go for a mobile subscription with 20 GB of mobile data. However, if you stream films and series on your mobile every day, we recommend a mobile phone contract with unlimited internet. Unlimited surfing is guaranteed!

How do I choose the best mobile phone tariff?

Your mobile contract must first and foremost meet your needs, so it's important to take a closer look at your current bill. How many minutes do you use your mobile phone for each month? Is the number of free SMS or MMS in your mobile phone subscription sufficient? Most mobile phone contracts offer unlimited free minutes for calls and SMS in Switzerland. The biggest difference in mobile phone tariffs is usually the size of the data volume offered. Mobile providers offer data packages from 1 GB up to unlimited data volume. Discover the current cheapest offers for mobile phone subscriptions in our subscription comparison. We have selected the cheapest contracts for you so that you can find the best mobile phone tariff in seconds.

Who are the most important mobile phone providers in Switzerland?

Are you looking for a Swiss provider? Then you've come to the right place! With us you can compare the best mobile phone subscriptions on the Swiss telephone market. The three largest providers are Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt. In recent years, a number of online providers have joined the ranks, attracting subscribers with particularly interesting mobile subscription offers. If you are looking for a mobile phone with a contract, you will find the cheapest rates with online providers (Wingo, Yallo, Das Abo, Teleboy, M Budget...). Don't worry, connection quality is not affected, as these new players use the Swisscom, Sunrise or Salt networks.

Which mobile phone contract without a contract obligation should I choose?

For many years, Swiss mobile operators have been offering their customers contracts without a contract commitment. As far as other types of contracts are concerned, contract ties of 12 to a maximum of 24 months are the rule. If you want to switch to a cheaper mobile phone tariff, we recommend choosing a mobile phone contract without a contract commitment. Attention: In most cases, a 60-day notice period applies. If you sign a new contract, find out about the contract commitment in advance. With us, you can compare the most attractive mobile contracts in no time at all.

Why should I choose a mobile phone contract with unlimited data volume?

ith us you will find the best Unlimited Internet tariffs in comparison. For all those who want unlimited mobile surfing, we recommend taking out a contract with unlimited data volume and Unlimited tariffs. So if you often watch videos on your Natel, listen to music or use the data connection for your PC on business trips, a mobile subscription with 4G+ data connection is ideal for you. A mobile phone contract with limited data volume quickly leads to additional costs and limited internet speed. Additional data volume used quickly leads to an excessive mobile phone bill. In Switzerland, you can find offers with unlimited data volume from as little as CHF 20. Don't wait any longer and switch to a contract with a fast internet connection on your smartphone.

Tariff comparison for 4G+ or 5G: The best Swiss mobile phone subscriptions

Fast surfing on mobile phones has recently also become possible in Switzerland with the 5G network expansion. Are you interested in mobile internet subscriptions with 5G speed? Find our tips here and find out whether it pays to switch from 4G+ to an ultra-fast 5G internet connection. The 5G network is only being rolled out and is currently not yet available nationwide, but the internet speed of 2Gbit/s is a real advantage for watching videos on mobile without interference. At present, mobile phone tariffs with 5G are still more expensive than with 3G or 4G. If you only use mobile internet on your mobile occasionally, we therefore recommend that you take out a 4G+ subscription. If you want to find out whether there is a cheaper mobile phone offer in Switzerland for your personal use, take a look at our clear mobile phone tariff comparison.

Swiss mobile phone subscription providers: Our tips for subscribers

Mobile phone tariffs have fallen sharply in recent years and many new providers advertise cheap contracts. It has never been easier to change your mobile phone provider. When you change your subscription, the transfer of your current number is automatic and free of charge. Now the only question is: which operator should I choose? First check the quality of the 4G+ network rollout and find out which network offers the best coverage in your region of Switzerland. The differences between operators on the 4G+ network are minimal, especially since Switzerland has one of the best network coverages in the world. This is especially important for customers who live in the countryside. Get an overview of the cheapest mobile phone subscriptions in our tariff comparison. If you take out your subscription online, you can benefit from additional discounts such as free activation fees. Our tip: Take a look at the Swiss mobile phone subscription providers with the best customer ratings.

Compare mobile phone contracts now and switch to the best tariff!

With us you can compare the cheapest mobile phone tariff quickly and easily. We have selected the best mobile subscription offers currently available in Switzerland. In our subscription comparison, you can quickly find the contract that best suits your mobile phone. With us you save money, because we show you the most attractive prices and best current promotions for mobile phone subscriptions at a glance.

Which phone operator has the best customer satisfaction rating?

This survey was carried out by Moneyland in 2019 and rates the overall customer satisfaction of Swiss phone operators. The main elements of this survey are value for money, mobile network coverage and of course the quality of customer service and its availability. We can see that the so-called online Swiss operators lead this ranking. Indeed, as they do not have physical branches, they give great importance to customer service, their only contact with customers.

  • Wingo : 85%
  • M Budget : 78%
  • Swisscom : 77%
  • Yallo : 77%
  • Sunrise : 75%
  • Salt : 71%