Comparison of home Internet + TV Plans

Comparison of Internet + TV offers in Switzerland, we have selected 15 plans with an Internet + TV offer. The prices of Internet with TV offers are very different from one provider to another. To make the best choice, compare the best plans available and the latest deals.

Internet TV Plans in Switzerland

Selected Internet + TV plans :

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CHF / mo
109.- / Mt
119.- / Mt
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79.- / Mt
119.- / Mo
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Our guide to help you find the best Internet TV plan in Switzerland

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How to choose your home Internet and TV plan?

To enjoy the best connection possible with a TV, it is essential to adjust the speed of your Internet connection to the needs of your household. A single person will not need the same speed as a family of 5 who simultaneously browse the Internet through their PCs, tablets or smartphones. Thus a speed of 50 to 300 Mbit/s will be quite enough for a single person or a couple who uses the Internet in a normal way. On the other hand, for families and people who wish to browse the web all at the same time to watch series, TV using their Internet plan or play online video games, we strongly advise you to switch to high-speed Internet for a higher speed quality. The prices for high-speed Internet, although significantly lower in recent years, are slightly higher, but provide greater convenience and quality of service.

Home Internet Tv plan

How to find a cheap TV Plan in Switzerland: Our tips

Major Internet service providers offer Internet TV subscription plans at ever lower prices and regularly run promotions to attract new customers. Compare the best offers and take advantage of the latest promotions to get the best price for your TV subscription in Switzerland. However, there are big differences in price between the cheapest and the most expensive TV plans. This price difference is partly due to the fact that traditional Swiss service providers have a strong reputation and market share which allows them to reduce their prices only slightly.
But the new players on the Swiss Internet market offer, in most cases, cheaper plans that you can subscribe to online. In addition, the price difference is explained by the number of TV channels included in the package. The cheapest Internet TV packages have around 100 channels, while the more expensive packages have up to 300 channels. To get a cheap TV subscription, take a closer look at our comparison and visit the providers’ websites to find out more about the offers and additional services they provide.

What is the best Internet TV subscription in Switzerland?

Above all, look at the price! Indeed, some Internet + TV subscriptions have much higher prices than other Internet providers. Over the last few months, Salt and Wingo have had the lowest prices. While you can easily pay around CHF 50 for an Internet TV subscription with the above-mentioned operators, you can also find offers for more than CHF 100. These offers feature a Premium TV package with a greater number of channels. If you don’t watch TV much, there’s no need to pay for access to over 300 different channels. On the other hand, if you are a sports fan and watch international channels or watch movies on Netflix or Canal +, you will find extensive packages at around CHF 120.

What is the minimum network-speed required to watch TV over the Internet?

The minimum speed is 2.8 Mb/s for standard definition (SD). To get high definition TV, a minimum of 6 Mb/s is required. Therefore, is it possible to watch TV over the Internet with a VDSL offer at 50 Mb/s? The answer is clearly yes! And you will even be able to watch TV in high definition. In some cases, if you are far from the receiver, the connection may be tricky. Indeed, with DSL technology, the further you are from the source signal, the lower the bit rate. To watch TV over the Internet, we recommend that you switch to a high-speed Internet access for greater reliability. The flow and speed of the signal will greatly enhance user experience.

TV Internet plan

TV plans in Switzerland, how many channels are available?

If you choose an Internet TV plan in Switzerland, you will get access to at least 120 channels including all the TV channels of French, German and Italian speaking Switzerland. You will also have access to all the international channels broadcasted worldwide such as BBC. English expats will therefore feel just like home when it comes to their favorite TV programmes.
Some service providers also offer TV subscriptions to Canal Plus, Sky, Netflix, or other paid sports packages. Beware, the paid options for your TV plan can greatly increase the price. Before choosing your Swiss Internet TV offer, take a look at the different packages and options from Internet providers.

The displayed prices and offers are frequently updated, however, some special offers may not be available on our website.