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4G and 5G subscription hotspots

We have put together a selection of home internet offers with 4G and 5G packages. With the advent of 5G, more and more households are turning to this type of connection. A box with 4G connection can be perfectly adequate for a single person or for a family that only wants an internet point in their cabin for the weekend. For intensive use with several connected computers, we recommend a box with a 5G connection.

And why not use a hotspot at home?

Connecting your house or flat to the Internet has never been easier. With a 4G or 5G hotspot or box, simply connect the box to spread the Internet throughout your home via Wi-Fi. To do so, the box connects to the surrounding 4G or 5G network and relays the Internet signal. Nowadays, hotspots are very convenient because they can be installed quickly and several devices can be connected at the same time, just like a normal Internet box connected via DSL or fibre. However, be sure to check the signal quality at home, because if the 5G signal is good outside, the signal at home might be of lower quality due to thick walls. This is especially true if your house or building is old and has thick walls. If this is your case, we recommend placing the box near a window or on higher floors to receive the best possible signal.

5G or 4G hotspot?

If you are considering installing a hotspot for your home or second home, you should first check whether your home is covered by 5G through interactive network maps on the websites of telecommunication providers. On the NPerf website, you will find an interactive map where you can see whether or not you are eligible for 5G, depending on the provider. If so, we strongly recommend that you opt for a box with a 5G connection. Although the tariffs are a bit more expensive, if you want to take full advantage of the Internet speed and connect to more devices, this is clearly the right option for you.

Which providers offer 5G internet hotspots?

With the introduction of 5G, more and more providers are offering Internet connections for the home via a 4G or 5G connection. For example, Salt, Sunrise, Swisscom or even Yallo now offer mobile internet services for the home. At the moment, Swisscom's network offers the best 5G coverage in Switzerland, but its competitors, such as Salt and Sunrise, are moving fast and expanding their 5G network. Therefore, it is important to test the quality of the network before starting to use the Intenet hotspot.