Swiss Internet Only plans

An Internet-only offer without TV is for people who want to have an Internet-only plan and save money. However, some Internet service providers in Switzerland offer Internet plans with TV for a few extra Francs. So don’t hesitate to compare all the different plans to choose the best Internet offer for you.

Internet Only

Selected Internet-only plans :

CHF / mo
CHF / mo
CHF / mo
CHF / mo
CHF / mo
CHF / Mt
CHF / mo
79.- / Mt
89.- / Mt
CHF / mo
CHF / mo
69.- / Mt

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Internet-only offers: Comparison of the main service providers in Switzerland

If you don’t necessarily need a landline or a TV, have a look at our comparison of the best Internet plans in Switzerland. Internet providers in Switzerland offer different types of plans with 4G, ADSL or High-speed Internet Boxes. These offers are ideal for people who want to browse the web at low prices. Before you decide, take a look at our TV and High-speed Internet Box comparison for a full experience.

Home Internet-only plan vs. TV Box

As consumers watch less and less TV, they are spending more time on the Internet watching series or TV shows. This shift is leading more people to subscribe to an Internet-only plan to save money. Today, Internet providers have TV plan offers for only a few Swiss Francs more than for an Internet-only plan. Before choosing your Internet offer with just ADSL or a high-speed connection, check if some providers have combined offers including TV for the same price.

How much does a simple home Internet plan without TV cost?

The prices of ADSL Internet-only plans in Switzerland are quite affordable. Expect to pay CHF 40 per month for the cheaper VDSL or high-speed Internet offers. By comparing the prices of Internet-only plans you can save up to CHF 600 per year.

The displayed prices are frequently updated and may not include some promotional offers from phone carriers.